Disciples III

Disciples III 1.06

The world is corrupted by ways of foul plots and the gods
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The world is corrupted by ways of foul plots and the gods are ready for the most unspeakable, willing to sacrifice their creation, their lives a mere accessory to their schemes. Alas, there was a time when they loved their creatures.

Main Features:

-Battles. Now In stunningly rendered 3D the battle system sees a major upgrade in this new Disciples game. Units can now move about the battlefield. An improved magic system also supports more action choices for the Leader units. The system remains simple enough to insure fast and furious action and quickly resolved conflicts but takes on this additional layer of possibilities that makes every decision count.

-Leaders. Leaders are entrusted the supervision of armies. They stem from four fundamental branches: The Mages who specialize in spells, the Warriors who use hand held weapons and lead the front line, the Scouts who use long range attacks and move quickly overland and the Thieves with their unique abilities that destabilize the opponents’ armies and can eventually infiltrate and spy upon enemy positions and who artfully use their short blades in combat.

-Magic Spells. The magic is imprinted in arcanes, artifacts and runes. Since days of old, magicians of opposing races have collected and saved these items for the power they contain in their symbolism. These arcanes embody the full power of Nevendaar’s essence. They will provide a certain advantage to those who know to use them with care and wisdom.

-Items. The great magic schools particular to all the races of Nevendaar have produced great master lore craftsmen who create many items and artifacts that can be acquired either at specialized shops or that must be wrestled from powerful guardians when those artifacts have been empowered with advanced and rare magic. From curative potions to scrolls, spheres and talismans, all that is valuable in combat is welcome gratefully by the troops.

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